About pltplp.net:

Why did I setup this site?

My homepage and all the relative documents have always moved since their creation, following me first at Centrale (in two different places), then at ISIA. Each time I went to another university, my personnal pages followed me, and I had to setup redirections to their new place.

This situation could not stay for long, since each time I changed of web site, the links pointing to my pages were broken.

The solution was to setup a fixed address for my pages, and then I needed to belong my own domain name. The web pages are hosted on my job's machines (FullSIX), but I can easily switch on another machine, if I choose another job.

I must admit that Hugo Haas convinced me to setup this system. He is rather integrist concerning the naming of web pages, but, after all, he is right ;-).

Why did I choose this name?

I had to chose a name that was not taken yet, and related with me. It was a failure, since I wanted something short, and eb.com, eb.net and eb.org were already taken ("eb" are my initials).

That was the same for etienne.com, etienne.org and etienne.net.

Then I wanted to take a fun name, describing me well. Friends of mine always say that I am bougon (in english, something like grumpy). The only bougon left was bougon.org, that another friend of mine wanted to take.

Then I chose pltplp.net, which is an acronym for pas le temps, pas la place (which means approximately not enough time, not enough space), something I always say when I do not want to do something that I consider boring.

How is this site built?

This site is entirely built from XML templates, and a XSL stylesheet. It uses CSS stylesheets for the general look of the pages.

See this article for further details.